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Real support. Real relief. Real happiness.

I'm Melanie

It's important that you know: although you may be struggling with a problem, you are not a problem. Rather, you are whole and you are loved, and there is a place within you—within all of us—where your truth resides. As a certified Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, I can help you reconnect with that place of truth and inner knowing in a way that you may not have experienced for a long time. From this place, we can discover what is causing you to feel unhappy or stuck, carefully and consciously unwinding you from unhelpful or destructive patterns that may be keeping you from being who you most want to be.


My approach is one of compassion and non-judgment, and I am earnest in my wish for and dedication to your wellbeing. If you are ready to Get Real—real happiness, real clarity, real joy—let’s get to work.  



How I Can

Help You

Depth Hypnosis

Depth Hypnosis is a form of holistic counseling that uses inquiry, hypnotherapy, and other tools to safely and carefully address trauma. Whether you are suffering from anxiety, depression, or PTSD, or you are just having a difficult time emotionally, Depth Hypnosis can help.


Depth Hypnosis is best suited for people who are tired of feeling stuck and are ready to break free from old wounds. 

1 hr 15 min  


Reparations rate available for Black and Indigenous clients. Please contact me for details.  

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