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Depth hypnosis is a form of therapy created by Isa Gucciardi, PhD, which uses guided meditation techniques to gently guide you to that place within where you feel most connected to your truest self. From this expansive place, out of view of the often judgmental conscious mind, we can begin to safely and effectively explore the issues that are holding you back. During Depth Hypnosis sessions you are fully alert and aware, able to participate in and remember the entire process.


Unlike traditional hypnotherapy where the practitioner tries to illicit a behavioral change by repeating a specific suggestion, Depth Hypnosis empowers you to own your healing journey with ongoing support and guidance from a highly trained, compassionate practitioner. And unlike psychotherapy (“talk therapy”) alone—which can be an important first step in creating awareness around problematic issues—Depth Hypnosis moves the experience from the mind into the body, allowing healing to occur on those difficult-to-understand feelings for which there may be no words. Through the unique process of Depth Hypnosis you will come to understand on a deep and profound level what’s making you unhappy and how you can release it once and for all.

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Depth Hypnosis

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