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"Melanie has such a beautiful angelic voice. Her sound healing combined with Depth Hypnosis helped me move through a difficult time in my life. Melanie was so patient and nurturing. I am doing better now, and I feel grateful that Melanie was there to support me when I needed help." - J.V.

"Melanie Robins is a skillful practitioner of the Depth Hypnosis method of counseling and personal growth. I am very grateful to have been the beneficiary of her guidance, support, nurturance and beautiful, magical voice. She is creative, caring and focused on a positive outcome for her client - you just can't ask for more than that!" - J.H. 

"From the moment I met Melanie I was drawn to how solid and grounded she is. She feels almost connected to the earth's core. Instantly, I felt that I could be completely open and honest with her. She made me feel safe enough to bring issues to the surface that I had long kept buried, almost unaware they were even there, impacting my life in ways great and small. Melanie has been instrumental in helping me to shift my relationship with my parents, which has been a revelation, as well as my relationship with myself. I feel I know myself better, am more honest about my inner strengths, more deeply in touch with my inner wounding. As a therapist, I experience Melanie walking beside me, subtly guiding me in and out of the inner spaces I need to visit and explore. I am grateful for this opportunity to work with Melanie and foresee a brighter future for myself and my loved ones because of her insight and empathy.  I am excited to know that others will now have the same opportunity at transformation that I have had." - D.P.

"I can't say enough good things about Melanie. She's by far the most helpful, understanding, and genuinely caring therapist I've ever had. Because her method isn't the traditional "clinical therapy," I feel like she's able to connect and understand me in a much more effective way. My mom has said she can see a big difference in my outlook, attitude, and overall understanding of myself and how I influence my own relationships than any previous therapy has done. I referred her to a friend even, who says the same, that she's helped her more in 2 sessions than her previous therapist did in a year. I've never been one to try the non-traditional methods, but I am SO glad that I did, if I could give her 10 stars I would!" - M.D.

"Finding and connecting with Melanie was utterly serendipitous. I found her when a friend raved about this woman who gave her incredible perspective after one call. I was in the depths of the 2020 turmoil (weren't we all?!) so I decided to give it a go and reach out. As luck would have it, Melanie had availability and got right to it. Man, therapy is HARD. Unexpectedly, earth-shatteringly, heartbreakingly hard. This is where Melanie shines. I KNOW that my well-being is paramount to her. I mean, I feel it!! She listens and holds such a beautiful space so that you can heal, so that you are seen, and witnessed in all your phases. It is so special. Her approach is "unconventional" because it is spiritual and metaphysical. Truth is, Melanie is helping us rediscover, remember even, our connection to the earth, the universe, our ancestors, one another and, most importantly, ourselves. I hope you are lucky enough to get to work with her." - G.H.

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